Initial 2018 Teams

This is the initial team assignments for New England GiveCamp 2018. The key to a successful GiveCamp is to stay flexible, change will be the only constant- and that includes team structures. Look forward to working with you all this weekend!

James Reevior
Dan Leonard
James Henderson
James Stafford

Azuero Plant
Ian Muir
Declan Nnadozie

Catching Joy
Satyendra sharma
Adam Jast
Clara Mueller

Robert Callahan
Khushali Shah
Hong Zhang

Colin Cass
John Refior

Project Giving Kids
Beth Wolfset
Evelyn Livant
Mannix Muir

Sowing Opportunities
Justin Sun
Kevin Wang

This Star Won’t Go Out
Kelley Muir
Grace Cass

Joan Vick
Bryan Philips
Christine Brydges
G.R. Filchtiner

Special Ops- Jason LeVan

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