Below is the text of the third of a series of e-mail updates sent out leading up to the big event on June 11th. If you have signed up for GiveCamp, you should have received this same note at the e-mail address you specified when registering. If you did not please contact us at, as soon as possible so we can ensure your registration status.

Wow, it’s Wednesday already! New England GiveCamp starts this Friday, June 11, at the New England Research and Development Center (NERD), at 1 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA. Here’s another update to address some of the questions we’ve been receiving as the date approaches.

Can you help out before the event?

Ok, well none of you actually asked this, but the answer is still Yes! We’ve opened up a new ticket type at for pre-event setup. If you’re in the area early or have some time from 2 p.m. on, we’d love some help (half-dozen folks or so) getting things set up for the weekend.

What time does it start?

We’ll have registration from 5 to 6 p.m. Friday evening and start the program at 6. Pizza and salad have been ordered for 5:30, so come hungry!

How do I get there?

The address is 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA, and we’re meeting on the 1st Floor Conference Center (think European 1st floor, it’s one level up on the elevator). View the Bing Maps one-click directions.


If you are travelling East on Memorial Drive (the Charles River is on your right) you’ll want to take the Kendall Square exit on your left (Wadsworth Street) BEFORE reaching the building. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll end up on the Longfellow Bridge heading into Boston!

At the end of Wadsworth, turn right onto Main Street

Shortly after, Main Street merges with Broadway to continue as Main.

Travel down Main Street and turn right – back onto Memorial Drive (west-bound) BEFORE the Longfellow Bridge! The building immediately on your right houses the New England Research and Development (NERD) Center.

Turn right just after the building into the driveway leading to the parking garage (free parking is provided for GiveCamp attendees). If the garage door is closed, approach slowly and it will automatically open for you.

Retain your parking garage ticket, and take the elevator up to the lobby.


Take the Red Line to the Kendall Square/MIT stop. Exit the station, walking down Main Street toward Boston. NERD is on your right at the corner of Main Street and Memorial Drive, right after a large construction site.

At the Building

Take the elevator to the lobby, where the building receptionist will ask for your name – tell him or her that you are part of GiveCamp at Microsoft – and he or she will direct you to the elevator to the first floor Conference Center.

I haven’t heard from anyone regarding my specific role at GiveCamp.

Most of the technical volunteers have heard from one of the volunteer business analysts or other team leader; however, we’ve had one charity drop out of the weekend, and there have been other volunteers who are likewise not able to attend. As a result, there are a handful of you that don’t have a specific assignment at the moment – this was completely expected. We plan to make adjustments on Friday at the event to account for no-shows and other contingencies. There is plenty of work to go around, and you are still very much needed, we just ask that you remain flexible and do show up on Friday night so we know *you* are not a no-show!Non-technical volunteers signed up for specific shifts during the registration process, and we are using that as a reflection of availability. You’ll be assigned to some subset of those shifts (perhaps all of them); a schedule should come out later today or early tomorrow. If you are not scheduled for a shift and are still available, you’re more than welcome to hang out at NERD.

As always, send a note to if you have additional questions. Let’s make this an event to remember!


The New England GiveCamp Committee