2019 Team Assignments

The key to a successful GiveCamp is to stay flexible; change will be the only constant- and that includes team structures. Below you will find the initial team assignments – but you can expect to work on multiple projects for different organizations throughout the weekend. 


  • Coordinator – Joan Vick
  • Christine Brydges
  • Gladis Filchtiner
  • Roddi Smith

Azuero Earth Project

  • Lead – James Reevior
  • Zack Pike (Shared)

Catching Joy, Inc.

  • Lead- Satyendra Sharma
  • Kushan Perera

Charles River Conservancy

  • Lead – Jason LeVan
  • Christian Brady

Lakota YouthStay

  • Lead – Justin Sun
  • Kevin Dunn
  • Zack Pike (shared)

Greater Grove Hall Main Streets

  • Lead – Jim Wilcox

Mission Life

  • Lead – Dan Leonard
  • Declan Nnadozie
  • William Plourde
  • Kevin Wang

Patient Navigation International

  • Lead – Beth Wolfset
  • Maria Marsala

Ralph Baer Day

  • Kyle Pinette
  • James Henderson

Sowing Opportunities, Inc.

  • Lead – Rachel Morris
  • Evelyn Livant

Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Lead – Jeff Morris
  • Nicholas Roppolo
  • Brian Vannah

GiveCamp is Today!

Here’s just a final rundown on logistics for the weekend, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or text me (Jim O’Neil) at 508.517.3668.

1. Catching Joy, our fiscal sponsor and long-time GiveCamp participant, is doing a collection drive for NEW socks and art supplies, so please consider bringing something with you to support their efforts.

2. We will have a dinner of pizza and salad served at 5:30 p.m.. tomorrow, but usually don’t start the formal program until 7, when we have critical mass of participants. Feel free but not obligated to be there at 5:30.

3. We will be serving six meals during the weekend (and only ONE is pizza!), and there will be plenty of healthy and not-so-healthy munchies, so no need to stop by Dunks or Starbucks on the way in.

4. You are welcome to spend both nights in the building. Many bring tents or air mattresses, and we have a separate area that’s a little less traveled for you to pitch camp. There are showers in the building, but bring a towel and whatever toiletries you might need (we’ll have some on hand as well).

5. The building is right at Watertown Square at the terminus of the Bus 71 route to Harvard Square. The physical address is 9 Galen Street, Watertown, MA, but if you are driving that won’t help! Put 24 Pleasant street in your GPS and you’ll see a large parking lot at the back of the building next to the river. Enter the building and the Insight office is directly off the elevator on the 3rd floor. There is a parking garage, but it is not accessible to non-tenants.

6. In terms of preparation, the best thing you can do is plan to be flexible! As the teams form, organizations’ goals evolve, and your individual talents get discovered by others, you may find yourself working a variety of different tasks. It’s a good thing, and you’ll forge a valuable network in the process!

7. Don’t forget your powercords and if you want to bring a monitor, etc. that’s fine!  We will have plenty of powerstrips though.

Safe travels, I look forward to seeing old friends and new faces.

Jim O’Neil

Initial 2018 Teams

This is the initial team assignments for New England GiveCamp 2018. The key to a successful GiveCamp is to stay flexible, change will be the only constant- and that includes team structures. Look forward to working with you all this weekend!

James Reevior
Dan Leonard
James Henderson
James Stafford

Azuero Plant
Ian Muir
Declan Nnadozie

Catching Joy
Satyendra sharma
Adam Jast
Clara Mueller

Robert Callahan
Khushali Shah
Hong Zhang

Colin Cass
John Refior

Project Giving Kids
Beth Wolfset
Evelyn Livant
Mannix Muir

Sowing Opportunities
Justin Sun
Kevin Wang

This Star Won’t Go Out
Kelley Muir
Grace Cass

Joan Vick
Bryan Philips
Christine Brydges
G.R. Filchtiner

Special Ops- Jason LeVan

Bring a Book to Donate!

Catching Joy is collecting new and “like new” books for underserved schools and communities. Please consider bringing books to donate and share the gift of reading. At the event, NEGC will have the opportunity to decorate bookmarks to go along with the donations. For more information contact, Joy/Max, joy@catchingjoy.org. Thank you!