Last night was a major milestone for New England GiveCamp. About a dozen volunteers got together at NERD for a three-hour session of matching our 70+ technical volunteers to the two dozen non-profit organizations we’ll be helping at GiveCamp in less than two weeks.

It’s not an easy task to pull together people who don’t know each other and who have varying years of experience in over two dozen technologies into twenty-four teams, but I think the group did an awesome job trying to balance skill set, seniority, and other preferences such as desire to work on a Scrum team or serve as a project leader. For those of you that have signed up to be a volunteer, you’ll be hearing VERY soon about the charity you’ll be helping, and have an opportunity to join a pre-event call with your team and the non-profit representative to get an overview of the project and “virtually” meet your team prior to showing up on Friday night.

We’ll also be putting up a page in the next day or so listing the two-dozen charities the New England GiveCamp will be serving. It’s quite a range both in organization focus and geography, so we’re all pretty excited on the committee as to how this event is unfolding – and hope you are too!