We’ve just over two weeks until New England GiveCamp begins, and I know there are a few folks out there that are wondering what the next steps are.  We are a bit behind where we wanted to be in terms of setting up the teams (but we’ve all got day jobs too, so time is always an issue!).   We are hoping to have a significant update regarding the non-profit organizations and volunteer assignments within a couple of days.  Rest assured that you haven’t missed any significant announcements on that front.   At that point too, we should be able to release additional volunteers from the waiting list – and as I mentioned before if you find you can no longer make it please let us know at negc2011@hotmail.com (thank you to those that have done so already!)

In terms of the on-site experience, the event is shaping up well.  Some of you may have seen the growing list of sponsors, so I thought I’d share with you some of the details as they are being finalized.

  • Dinner Friday is courtesy of Dominos, and I’m hoping for a combination of pizza, wings, and pasta
  • Panera is supplying bagels for Saturday breakfast (and we’ll supplement with fruit and spreads of course)
  • Naked Pizza will be handling our Sunday lunch (check them out at http://nakedpizza.biz)
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is coming through in a big way again by providing coffee throughout the weekend, and the Keurig will be a raffle prize at the end of the weekend!
  • There will be free parking at the 1 Memorial Drive facility for all volunteers!!  (Please update your Eventbrite registration if you think you’ll be driving, so we can have a rough count)
  • Shower facilities will be available on site (we’ll have a required waiver form you’ll need to fill out at registration).
  • We have LOTS of give aways, including an XBOX/Kinect bundle at the end of the event, and numerous ad hoc drawings throught the weekend (geek and non-geek friendly items!)
  • I have spent about 5 hours at O’Reilly’s office cleaning out books on a wide variety of topics – look for an extensive selection of “FREE” books for the taking at the event.

If you’ve got any questions on the event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at negc2011@hotmail.com.