What will you be doing a week from now?  Hopefully getting a good night’s rest and packing your bags for a weekend of working hard, having fun, and making a difference!   We’re about a week out from New England GiveCamp, and my home is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders, with boxes of giveaways, books, and other swag for the event.  For this update, I have divided the population of the known universe into the following five groups:

If you are one of the non-profit representatives attending , you’ve already been talking with Kelley and should have received a couple of e-mails from me just last night.  If not, let me know ASAP.

If you signed up as a volunteer in a non-technical capacity, you likewise should have heard from me in the last day or two regarding various tasks we need to fill at GiveCamp.

If you signed up as a volunteer for a project team, you might be wondering… what next?!

Kelley has been busy laying out the project technical needs, matching them up first with a technical lead (you may recall we asked who might want to lead a project upon registration), and the next step is creating the teams based on the skills profiles you filled out.   It’s kind of like a geek draft, and we hope to have that all finalized shortly.  The goal is to publish the team lists on Tuesday and have your team’s project lead (if time and schedules permit) initiate a quick get-to-know-you-and-the-non-profit call/e-mail before the event on Friday.

Keep in mind one of the mantras is that “What happens at GiveCamp stays at GiveCamp,” meaning that the vast bulk of your effort is that weekend, so as a volunteer don’t feel like you’re somehow behind at this point.   I know that’s a tough thing to accept for most of the type “A” personalities that are attracted to events like to this, but we are right on schedule.

I will now invoke my request of a post a week or so ago: if you find you can no longer attend the event, please e-mail us so we can get an accurate count for meals, snacks, and drinks.

If you’re on the waiting list, well you shouldn’t be! The waiting list was cleared about a week ago, and I’ve be releasing new requests as they come in.  There are a number of those on the waitlist though who have not chimed in to claim their ticket – with the result that Eventbrite does not allow us to reopen the volunteer tickets until the pending waitlist requests expire.  If you were on the waiting list and didn’t get an e-mail asking you to sign up ‘fer real,’ let me know, and I’ll rectify immediately.

If you’ve just found out about GiveCamp (where the heck have you been?!) and want in,  there are a few spots still available – despite the waitlist designation (an Eventbrite annoyance). Just register for the waitlist, and I will free up the ticket fairly quickly OR let you know that we are ‘not only merely full, but really most sincerely full.’

Oh, and if you have a specific bent toward SEO and social media strategy, you’ll go to the front of the line (well, if there were a line).

As always, e-mail us at negc2011@hotmail.com if you’ve got any questions on the event, logistics, whatever.  Look for another update at least by Tuesday.

2 Responses to “GiveCamp Attendee Update #1”

  1. Gladis says:

    Hi Jim,

    Send you email 04/20th, re: Need help/etc.

    But, have not received any request/email.

    Please let me know if help is needed.


  2. Doug Vanderweide says:

    Gladis: I’ve passed this along to Jim. Apologies for the delay!