Yes- This is our modified game of Assassin, designed especially for GiveCamp through the sponsorship of ThinkGeek. So, how does it work?

  •  If you want to play submit your name in the bowl
  •  First time draw a target name at the designated time (right after Sat. lunch)
  •  That is who you will have to infect.
  •  Please do something to your tags to distinguish them as yours.
  •  To infect a person you must successfully tag them and have them not notice
  • You must document your kills: photographs or have witnesses.
  •  Once you have successfully infected a person report that and draw a new target name.

Additional Rules: If contested judges will rule with the killed… but let’s be fair and honest.
and contestants cannot be infected while sleeping… That’s just rude.


There will be special achievements awarded through out the remainder of the weekend.

  • First Infection
  • First Infected
  • GiveCamp Infection of the weekend
  • Most Infected
  • Most Contagious
  • Dinner Infection
  • Breakfast Infection
  • Infected Foot
  • 7 in 1 (a.k.a. The Epidemic: 7 infections in 1hr)
  • Survivor (not infected at all, but has infected at least 1)