Are you part of a nonprofit organization that could use a little extra help?  Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to get a web site started and don’t have the funds to contract with someone to do so. Perhaps you are in desperate need for an updated logo. Or maybe you need a bit of office automation like keeping track of your own volunteer or donor registration lists, for example?  Well, that’s where New England GiveCamp comes in…

If you are part of a non profit organization which could benefit from the services provided by the New England GiveCamp volunteers (like a project listed above), we’d encourage you to submit your project for consideration at New England GiveCamp.

Apply below to have your project considered!

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What to Expect

After submitting a project, a volunteer will be in touch with you within a few weeks. This volunteer will help you (and us) determine if the project is a good fit and if it can be accomplished within the time frame of New England GiveCamp. If it is, we will extend an invitation for your organization to participate.

A few days before the event you (and your organization) will be put in touch with your team lead, This is the person responsible for helping coordinate accomplishing your project during the event. You may be requested to participate in phone conference before the event.

Participant organizations are expected to attend New England GiveCamp. This is important! You will not only be needed on-hand for your team, but also there are several sessions and activities organized for non profits.