What is GiveCamp?

GiveCamp is an opportunity to provide nonprofits with the technical skill they need (pro bono) over the course of a single weekend. Organizations needing design collateral, websites and simple applications will be paired with a team of developers and designers to build that project.

The first New England GiveCamp happened in June 2010, where over 100 computer professionals and other volunteers converged at Microsoft Cambridge office to perform pro bono custom programming projects for two dozen non-profit organizations across New England over the course of a single weekend.

The second New England GiveCamp is happening April 29-May 1, 2011 and we are looking for more organizations from across New England to work with. In the end GiveCamp will aim to help 20 or so nonprofits from around New England reach a project goal. So let me ask you: What can we help you do?

Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to get a website started and don’t have the funds to contract with someone to do so. Maybe you are in desperate need of an updated logo. Or maybe you need a bit of office automation, such as keeping track of your own volunteer or donor registration lists? Well,that’s where New England GiveCamp comes in.

What is required of the nonprofit?

Not much really. Before the event there will be a little time commitment in order to help organizers and facilitators scope out the work needed in order to help determine if it can feasibly be accomplished within a weekend, as well as the type of team needed to accomplish it. You can expect 2-5 phone conference calls before the event to determine this. You will also be asked to gather materials before the event to make it easier for your team to work.

In addition, a representative will be asked to attend the event, this will make it easier for the team to get answers quickly and efficiently complete the project. There will also be informative sessions throughout the weekend which maybe of interest to you or your organization.

Okay…What’s the next step?

The first step is signing up. Please fill out the form you find towards the bottom of the nonprofits page. Update, 21 March 2011: Project proposals for New England GiveCamp 2011 are now closed. Please sign up as soon as possible, as there is limited space, but also realize not all projects requested will be accepted; some things just cannot be accomplished in the allotted amount of time. Before March 20, you should hear from a representative as an initial reach-out to begin the conversation.

Good Luck and hope to see you at GiveCamp!