Team assignments are posted below. Please note these assignments may be adjusted at any time. Please be flexible. If your plans have changed and you cannot attend, please send an email to and let us know ASAP.

Call and Response

  • Team Lead- Shawn Sippel
  • Vineet Sinha
  • Alex Fram
  • Annie Tuan
  • justin babey
  • Brendan Dorr

 Career Village

  • Team Lead- Usha Guduri
  • Sky Tien-Yun Huang
  • Elizabeth Hayward
  • Seng Ung

 Catching Joy

  • Team Lead- Satyendra Sharma
  • Jen Strickland

Charles River Conservancy (CRC)

  • Team Lead- Shawn Sippel
  • Colin Cass
  • David Davis
  • Jeffrey Sylvan
  • Brian Waters

Community Voice International

  • Team Lead- Bill Wilder
  • Molly Duggan
  • Maura Wilder
  • Joan Wortman

Cortes Crew

The Cortes Crew will be working a collection of projects for a couple of non profits; Children’s Charter, Emerge, IPV Tech, and Transition House.

  • Team Lead- Sarah Cortes MS PMP CISA
  • Adam Howell
  • carmine zinni
  • chip moore
  • robert callahan
  • Paul Grenier

Earthen Vessels

  • Team Lead- Shawn Sippel
  • Laura Vecchio
  • Katelynn O’Brien
  • Dan Lourenço
  • Kevin Sletten

Future Chefs

  • Team Lead- Justin Sun
  • Vamsi Gundlapalli
  • Reiko Beach

Generation Citizen

  • Team Lead- John M Eckman
  • Adam Stankiewicz
  • John Balboni
  • Ian Del Giudice

GreenShare Tech

  • Team Lead- Ben Wardwell
  • Saurabh Moondhra
  • Sam Shirley


  • Team Lead- Jeffrey Morris
  • Evelyn Livant
  • Jennifer Morris

Learning InSync

  • Team Lead- Michele Alexander
  • Christopher Buck
  • Sashidhar Kokku
  • John Zablocki

Rock and Roll Library

  • Team Lead-Nathaniel Hoag
  • Jarred Suisman
  • Brandon McGlynn

Seacoast Local

  • Team Lead- Lisa  Dekermenjian
  • William Wade
  • Robin Larson
  • David Boynton


  • Team Lead- Michele Alexander
  • Vu Huynh
  • Alex Vallejo
  • Janelle Green

Sustainability Guild International

  • Team Lead- Ian Muir
  • Chris Haddad
  • Emily Pitts
  • G.R. Filchtiner

The Esplanade Association

  • Team Lead- Doug Vanderweide
  • Nate Bates
  • Bryan Phillips
  • Will Klein

The Needham Community Farm

  • Team Lead- James Reevior
  • Niki Brown
  • Steven Word

Third Sector New England

  • Team Lead- Alex Peng
  • John Refior

 Tutors for All

  • Team Lead- Alyissa Dzaugis
  • Jason LeVan
  • Jason Dufour

Free Agents

Free Agents are volunteers who are not currently assigned to a project. If you are one of these you will be assigned to a project on Friday…. Its more of a surprise.

  •  Shan S
  • Andrew Lewman
  • James Zhang
  • John Gwynn
  • Ray Cloutier
  • David Roberts
  • gary ritter
  • Eddie Vaisman
  • Michael Wahl


Ops individuals are not assigned to one project, but rather help as many projects as they can as need for their skills arise.

  • Erik Peterson
  • Rachel Morris
  • Diana Ye