I’ve been a bit busy with travel and my day job, but interest has definitely been growing for this event as the word has been getting out across the region. We’ve identified and been in contact with a number of non-profit organizations already, and many of you have chimed in to ask how you can help. Although we haven’t opened registration quite yet for those of you that want to spend that weekend furiously coding for charity, there are two very specific and important ways you can help NOW:

Spread the word about this event to non-profit organizations you’re familiar with. Encourage them to visit the Non-Profits page on this site and submit a proposal for consideration.

Help us identify and contact sponsors for this event. Perhaps your employer would be interested in covering the costs for a meal at the event, or you have a contact at a local business that could absorb the costs of some supplies, t-shirts, water bottles, etc. We’ll work with any potential sponsor to find a way for them to contribute. Just direct them to the Sponsors page or have them contact the organizational committee directly at negc2010@hotmail.com