We’re in the final stages of selecting the finalists among the non-profits that have submitted projects.  Here are some examples of their missions and the work they’ve requested.  You’ll notice that there’s a variety of technologies and tasks, for developers, designers and DBAs:

  • Volunteer doctors and nurses who provide free medical care to residents of homeless and domestic violence shelters want to upgrade their website to better explain their program to potential funders.
  • A domestic violence agency would like to convert its donor database from Excel to a real DBMS.
  • A clothing donation program wishes to improve their Access-based donor database.
  • A feminist art collective wants to make their website more interactive and visually appealing.
  • A provider of safe boating education wishes to port their website to Drupal.
  • A start-up that promotes volunteerism needs help designing business cards and brochures.
  • A public library would like to use Salesforce.com to track volunteers and donors.
  • An advocacy group for Latino families wants to add a registration page and a blog to their website.
  • A new non-profit provides a social network for young volunteers to organize their own community service projects.  They want to use Django to administer their WordPress website content and to store data.
  • A mentoring program for foster children needs help with DreamWeaver and HTML to integrate video and photos into their website, redesign their home page and restructure their page navigation.
  • A center for technology and learning wants to create a web-based data entry module that integrates with a database currently maintained in Excel.
  • A historical society would like to add an event calendar and collections wiki to their website.
  • An alternative energy advocacy group wants to add to their Joomla/CiviCRM website.

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