Before we break for lunch, here are some thoughts from the crew:

Justin Russell: “Over the course of the 48 hours’ worth of work at New England GiveCamp, the team leaders for each project gather every few hours at a corner of the work floor. The meeting is simple; GiveCamp co-organizer Kelley Muir calls out the name of each of the 30 non-profits represented at the weekend, and the respective team leader lets the group know if there are any barriers they think may stop them from completing their project by Sunday afternoon. They also give a one-word status: green, yellow, or red.” – Read his full post.


Lisa Burris: “In this day and age sometimes we convince ourselves that the good in people has disappeared! Turn Back Time has helped me to believe that is NOT true!! Erik and I are camping out at ….. Erik and I are camping out at …..120 individuals volunteering their time to serve Non-Profit organizations through out New England. Believers by definition “accept something as true or real”…….I’ve decided to surround my self with believers….believers tend to be authentic and support other believers. They make the world a better place! Do you believe? If not find yourself something to believe in, it’ll change your life…… Jim, John, Zak and Erik Thank You for believing!!!” – See her blog.