Many of you are eager to hear how the planning is going – what non-profits are we working with? what team will I be on? what’s for dinner? and so on.

We’re a bit behind in where we’d hoped in terms of announcing teams and organizations, but we’re close! Unfortunately, day jobs, income taxes, and stomach bugs have taken their toll, so bear with us. We will have a full docket of 25+ organizations, including a number of repeaters, so there will be plenty of old friends to see and new ones to make.

Here’s a stab at some of the questions you might have, and as always, contact us at if you have any questions between now and ‘show time’

  1. I’m on the waitlist, will I get to participate?
    Right now the waitlist is about 30 people – which is a pretty amazing statment on the vibrancy and altruism of the New England technical community. We are hoping we can find a place for everyone, but that will depend on the nature of the projects and organizations. One of the delays is due to our trying to figure out how we can get everyone who does want to participate a meaningful role at the event. From personal experience, it’s very discouraging to volunteer and not really be needed. If you are on the waiting list, please bear with us as spots will be released as project needs are further defined and cancellations come in – this will be an on-going process even until the day of the event.
  2. When does the event start?
    We’ll start registration about 5:30 pm on Friday, May 4th, and will have pizza dinner catered by Naked Pizza.  Official start time will be around 6:30 pm or when we feel there’s critical mass.  “Flexibility” will be a key theme for the entire weekend, by the way!
  3. Can I get there earlier?
    There will be some setup jobs and we’ll put out a call for some helpers earlier in the day.  The venue is right at Kendall Square on the MBTA Red Line, so if you do get there early, and just want to tool around Boston or whatever, feel free – we’ll have a place for you to stow your stuff until the event starts.  If you’re driving, please read the note about parking, next.
  4. Where do I park?
    The building has a parking garage and we have secured free parking for the event – beginning at 4 p.m. on Friday.  If you park in the garage prior to that, we can’t cover the parking for you, and it’s fairly steep: the day rate is $27, with a majority accruing within the first 2 hours of parking.  You might be able to find street parking if you get there earlier, and there are public garages available nearby.
  5. Where can I stay?
    We usually have 30 to 40 people stay at the facility, sleeping on the floor, air mattresses and a number of couches that are scattered about.  Some even pitch tents!  There are shower facilities as well.  If you prefer more comfortable accomodations (other than your own home, of course) there’s a number of hotels in the Kendall Square area.  In past years, we have requested special rates, but we’ve found that rates you might find on travel sites are generally better.  Please contact us at if you want more specific guidance on accomodations in the area, and we’ll provide you some options.
  6. What’s for dinner?
    If you’ve looked at the sponsor list you might have some inkling… but here’s tentatively what we have lined up (and we will make accommodations for those of you that indicated dietary restrictions on your registration).
Friday dinner: Naked Pizza
Saturday breakfast: continental-ish (bagels, yogurt, etc.)
Saturday lunch: Legal Sea Food chowder + sandwich wraps from Whole Foods
Saturday dinner:  it’s Cinco de Mayo – you figure it out 🙂
Sunday breakfast: eggs, bacon/sausage, home fries from Plaza Catering
Sunday lunch: sliders and salad from b.good