Over the past week or so, there’s been a definite increase in the number of e-mails asking about GiveCamp and how to sign up. That’s awesome, and regardless of your technical background (or not) we’ll find a spot for you! The official registration for participation on-site won’t open until about mid-April though, and we’ll blog and tweet wildly when that occurs.

So what can you do now? Keep spreading the word, especially among charities and non-profit organizations that you might be involved with… or your spouse might be involved with… or your mother-in-law… or the guy that lives two houses down from you. The non-profits are an essential ingredient to the actual GiveCamp weekend – the more that sign up, the more of you that can rock the weekend with twinkies, Jolt, and your sleeping bag! Some ideas for you:

  • Does your company’s HR department have a point of contact for volunteer opportunities for employees? If so, let him or her know about the GiveCamp so they can communicate the event to the directors of the charities they deal with.
  • Do you have friends or associates in the Civitans or the Rotary? Let them know; those organizations already have numerous contacts with non-profits. In fact, I’m speaking at my town’s Rotary Club meeting in a few weeks.
  • Print out a few copies of the New England GiveCamp flyer and post them on public boards around town: the library, your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, the grocery store…
  • Shave your head into a mohawk and wear a GiveCamp sticker. Oh, wait, that’s already been done!

Got any other creative (but appropriate!) ideas? Share them with us all via the Reply section below.