We’ve noticed a few of the volunteers had been blogging about the event and non-profits as well have issued newsletters and acknowlegements of the event, so thought it would be good to collect some links here.  Let us know if we’ve missed anyone!

Volunteer blogs and media

New England GiveCamp 2010: What  A Great Experience (Doug Vanderweide)

Giving Back and  Day 1 of New England Give Camp Done!  (Dave Davis)

GiveCamp (Justin Russell)

New England Give Camp – Night/Morning 1 and  New England Give Camp – Night 2 (Carl Bergenhem)

New England Give Camp 2010 (Evelyn Livant)

New England Give Camp 2010 Day 1 and Summary of the Rest of Give Camp (Fred Smith)

GiveCamp – Learning Silverlight and “Coding for Charity” (Kevin Pammett)

New England GiveCamp: “Awesome, simply awesome” (Jim O’Neil)

New England Give Camp 2010 (Karen Spencer)

Boston TweetUp TV shout-out (at 6:37 mark)

2010 GiveCamp – New England Write-Up (Bob Chin)

Sponsor blogs

Giving Back – Web Hosts and Local Non-Profits (William Toll, Navisite)

Non-profit sites

Catching Joy participates in New England Give Camp 2010 (Catching Joy, Inc.)

Smallbean Returns from New England Give Camp (Smallbean, Inc.)

Second Chances “Latest news and events” (Second Chances, Inc.)

New England GiveCamp: One NERD and multiple IT project success stories (Kristen Caretta, Spare Change News / SearchCIO-Midmarket.com)

Facebook updates

On behalf of Catching Joy, Inc., I want to thank everyone at Give Camp for an incredible weekend of productive work and networking and making friends. Our non-profit organization is grateful for the new website that my team designed and built so that we are better able to do our good work organizing hands-on activitie…s for young children and their families to let them experience the joy of giving. We look forward to helping make next year’s event a success! See www.catchingjoy.org.  (Joy Olaes Surprenant, June 17, 2010)

Many thanks to all the Give Camp volunteers! RESPOND cannot thank you enough for our wonderful, new web site –we plan to roll it out in the next week or two! Thanks for working hard and playing hard! (Darcie DeLuca, June 15, 2010)

Waterbury Youth Services was thrilled to participate in New England GiveCamp alongside so many other wonderful non-profits. It was great to meet Second Chances and hear about the good work you do to help the people in need in your community while at the same time helping to improve the environment.  (Jan Forrest, June 15, 2010)

Great big thanks to everyone for a great weekend and for generously giving of your time and talents to help us non-profits. There are some pictures I took that are posted to Waterbury Youth Services Facebook Page if you would like to check them out. (Jan Forrest, June 14, 2010)

What a great weekend! Thanks so much to our wonderful database project team and all the great volunteers and sponsors from Second Chances, Inc. (Andrea Shapiro, June 14, 2010)

A very special thanks to New England GiveCamp and to all the generous & talented volunteers who spent 3 days working late into the night to provide WYSS and 22 other non-profit agencies with software solutions. (Waterbury Youth Services, June 13, 2010)

I have just spent the weekend at the NE Give Camp and it was amazing! I am so grateful to my team for upgrading my website: Karen Spencer, Justin Sun, Everett Whitehead and Lisa Dekermenjian. Go to www.womenofmeans.org to see their awesome work! (Roseanna Means, June 13, 2010)

Comments left on the GiveCamp banner

Thanks so much for helping us save lives.

What an amazing experience.  I can’t thank everyone enough.

Great cause, great people.

What an incredible weekend.

Awesome, simply awesome.

Lives changed this weekend. Thank you!

Twitter Stream (archived from June 9-17th)