New England GiveCamp is just a bit over a month away, and as you saw from the previous post, the response has been astounding.   We had 35 organizations apply (up from 24 last year), some with multiple projects, and many of you have noticed that we are in a waitlist situation for volunteers.  As the event gets closer we’ll be posting a bit more frequently to keep everyone in the loop on preparations, what to expect, what to bring, etc.   So be sure to check back here or follow us on Twitter @NEGiveCamp to get the latest.

If your non-profit organization submitted a proposal for a project at GiveCamp, you have or will shortly hear back from Kelley Muir to confirm receipt of the project and get an update as to your availability to participate at the event.  We are not quite yet at the point where we have determined the full list of charities that we will be supporting, but we hope to within the next week or so.   With the incredible demand, we were caught by surprise as well and are working to ensure that we can comfortably accomodate as many organizations as possible given space and budget constraints.

If you volunteered and can no longer attend in full or part, please, please send a note to to cancel your reservation.  Eventbrite unfortunately doesn’t provide this capability, so on behalf of the planning team and others that are on the waitlist and eager to contribute, we do ask that you take the extra step to let us know if you’re plans change.  Things come up, we certainly understand that,  but the success of these projects really does rely on a team coming together quickly and cohesively, so thank you in advance for that consideration.  And, yes, we reserve the right to repeat that plea throughout the next four weeks!!

If you volunteered for GiveCamp and have a confirmed spot, hang tight.  Once we have analyzed the technical needs of the various organizations that will be part of the weekend, a cadre of volunteers (including some of you that indicated you would like to be a project lead) will be forming teams based on the experience profile you filled out.  You will find out about your team assignment at least a week before the event, and many of the teams try to have a call with their organization that week so they are in a better position to hit the ground running when the event begins.

If you volunteered for GiveCamp and are on the waitlist, we will be reassessing our staffing needs once the projects have been determined (in the next week or so).  We are very optimistic we will be able to accomodate many of you that are on the waitlist, and just ask for your continued patience.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about the event, please let us know  Once we have the charities identified, we’ll have more detailed updates about logistics for the actual event as well.

If you haven’t participated in a GiveCamp before you are in for a truly life-changing event…. if you have been part of a GiveCamp before and signed on again, well, what were you thinking 🙂