This weekend, I had the benefit of being a guest at the Southern Maryland GiveCamp at St. Mary’s College in St. Mary’s City, Maryland. Jim Pendarvis (@JRPendarvis) did an awesome job pulling together 18 charities and nearly 100 volunteers (including Pat Tormey who traveled down from the New Hampshire .NET User Group!)

I’m actually sitting in the closing ceremonies as I write this, listening to the presentations by the various teams as to what they’ve accomplished over the last 48 hours. The amount of work is amazing and the impact inspiring. I especially enjoyed the comment of one of the non-profits that benefitted:

I don’t know if I’m a kid at Christmas or a flasher – I keep running up to folks and asking them if they want to see my new website!

One Response to “What’s a GiveCamp all about?”

  1. Marcia says:

    Jim and Pat – It’s great that you took the time (and expense) to attend the Southern Maryland GiveCamp.

    Here’s “8 Tips to Design a Charity Website”: