It’s been fun over the last couple of days as we’ve been slicing and dicing various bit of data from the volunteer registrations to help form the project teams and make other task assignments for New England GiveCamp. In a recent post, we listed the charities at the forefront of this event, so we thought it might be fun to see who you’ll be working with elbow-to-elbow this weekend.

We actually did just hit the 100th volunteer today, and there is a small waitlist which we are very hopeful of accomodating over the next days. Just for fun, here’s some interesting statistics we found perusing the data submitted by those 100 volunteers:

  • 54 people are planning to spend the night at NERD. That may change once they find out how hard the floor is! For those of you staying, we have your best interests at heart, and you will receive ear plugs.
  • The most represented group in terms of experience are those with 5-10 years under their belt, but we do have seven students joining us as well.
  • The Web is apparently not a fad as CSS and JavaScript are the most prevalent technologies among the skill sets represented:
  • 45 of you tweet (not including those who do so only in the shower)
  • New England GiveCamp is a family affair, and in attendance there are (at least)
    • Two sets of siblings (one pair of sisters and one pair of brothers)
    • Four married couples
    • An intersection of the above yielding a husband, wife, and sister(-in-law)
    • A (very) expectant father, who may or may not have to leave early
  • There are a number of talents represented including
    • Fluent speakers of French and Spanish (and possibly English, but no one specifically noted that)
    • Someone who can tie a bowline
    • A number of folks in various stages of denial as to how loud they snore
    • A self-proclaimed lion tamer
    • Two jugglers
    • A dozen photographers – bring those camers, we want plenty of exposure (sorry for the pun) on Flickr, etc.

I’m sure there’s a lot more we’ll all learn about each other over the 48 hours that is New England GiveCamp!

One Response to “You and 99 of Your Closest Friends”

  1. Marcia says:

    Congratulations to the organizers and to the volunteers! You guys have done a fantastic job.

    I’m particularly happy to see that Drupal developers are available to help out TSN, which is a very worthy organization.

    Best of luck, and thanks for being such great examples for the dev community.