New England GiveCamp is an annual, weekend-long event at which technology professionals — including designers, developers, social media strategists, and others — donate their time and expertise to provide software solutions and other assets for local non-profit organizations. Over the past seven New England GiveCamps, local volunteers have supported nearly 150 projects for over 100 organizations across New England.

Non-profit organizations can submit applications at any time during the year to have their projects considered for the next occurrence of New England GiveCamp. Before the event, a team of business analysts will work with the non-profit representatives to ensure the project is scoped appropriately for the weekend effort.

A call for volunteers typically occurs about a month before the event and involves a short survey form to help GiveCamp organizers match each individual’s expertise with a project or projects. Invariably though, there are a few last-minute cancellations, and we often find hidden talents among our campers that can be of great advantage to other projects. In other words, flexibility is a key trait for a successful experience at GiveCamp!

Not in the local area? There are GiveCamps happening throughout the US, many of which can be found at the main GiveCamp site.