Help Us Help Them Help You (Sponsors)

When you sponsor GiveCamp, you’re not just helping one charity at a time — you’re helping many at once. You’re supporting the good works of your colleagues and neighbors who fill gaps not covered by larger institutions, and you’re encouraging volunteerism and social responsibility. Here are just a few things our non-profit organizations have already contributed your community, thanks in part to GiveCamp and your generosity:

  • Generate financial support for families dealing with childhood cancer
  • Bridge the educational gap in at-risk communities, teaching kids about computer programming and robotics
  • Protect and preserve local watersheds
  • Provide community philharmonic performances and outreach events
  • Aid victims of domestic violence in finding safe housing and much-needed resources
  • Deliver audible transcripts of local news to the blind and visually impaired
  • Promote diversity among local businesses, fostering economic development via the National Main
  • Streets program

It’s only through financial contributions and donations-in-kind that we can cover the venue, materials, food and drink costs for an event that draws about 75 volunteers and non-profit representatives from all over New England.

Ready to Help Us Help Them Help You?

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